SNOM 200

Quality, open standards and cost effectiveness are the key words to describe the new generation snom VoIP telephones. With its new phone for business, snom delivers a fully-featured communication appliance to satisfy all modern business requirements. 
The snom 200 is the business solution for high level communication demands, an innovative, high quality VoIP phone especially designed for business users. Its appealing design, featuring double line graphic and industry-standard text display and key pad arrangement, make using the phone intuitive, easy and ergonomic. Excellent sound quality is delivered through an AC97-compliant audio subsystem, and using standard PC headsets provides CD quality audio and allows hands-free operation. An extra Ethernet port with VLAN support also enables you to "daisy chain" the phone with your PC without the necessity for another LAN socket. 
Built using open standards, and supporting both H.323/H.450 and SIP, the snom 200 can interoperate with soft clients like the Microsoft Messenger and standards-compliant equipment from other vendors. This allows customers to add components from different manufacturers to their existing infrastructure to create a system adapted to their individual needs. An integrated web server makes the snom 200 much faster and simpler to use. Complementary software enables integration with Microsoft Outlook and other TAPI-based applications. Its programmable keys make it quick and easy to find numbers and initiate calls. 
The snom 200 works for users like a conventional phone with added features like overlap dialling and error-information messaging. Its easy operation and competitive pricing significantly reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Using Linux as its operating system, integrating the snom 200 into your system is as easy as putting another Linux client into the network. An integrated LDAP enables administrators to set up and use company and global phone books. A centralized update mechanism keeps all telephones in the network automatically up to date, reducing operating costs and ensuring a secure return on your investment in this dynamic field. 
 • 2 x 24 character display with graphical field  
 • 5 programmable function keys  
 • RFC3261 compliant SIP stack  
 • H.323/H.450 stack  
 • NAT-support  
 • 16-bit, 16 kHz audio subsystem.  
 • Two-port Ethernet switch  
 • National language support 
 • Loose routing and strict routing support  
 • Hold  
 • Blind und attended transfer  
 • Music on hold support  
 • Divert  
 • Call intrusion, Call completion  
 • Overlap dialling  
 • Number guessing, speed dialing, handsfree dialling  
 • Missed calls, taken calls  
 • Call waiting indication  
 * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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