SNOM 100

With its VoIP phone snom 100, the snom technology AG sets new standards regarding flexibility and interoperability. The phone is compatible to every VoIP-gateway and gatekeeper based on the open standards SIP and H.323/H.450, which makes it easy to integrate in an existing LAN/WAN environment. With Linux as the underlying operating system, stability and security are not an issue for the snom 100. 
Able to handle both H.323/H.450 and SIP protocol suites and software updates, the snom 100 is ready for the future - no matter which protocol stack will prevail or might come up the snom 100 is a safe investment. In addition, CTI applications such as HTTP, TAPI and LDAP integrate the phones with the rest of the IT infrastructure. This makes applications possible which were not economically feasible with traditional technology. 
The customer does not have to bid farewell supplementary service features he is familiar with (e.g. ISDN). On the contrary - with a snom phone the connection is set up as fast as with digital ISDN phone and in addition to the IP functionality, the snom 100 supports features like call hold, call waiting, call forward/transfer, call divert, caller line identification, etc.. 
The voice quality of the snom 100 can not be distinguished from traditional ISDN phone and its graphical interface and web browser make calling, remote management and configuring even easier. 
 • call list, deny list 
 • phone book 
 • call hold, call wait 
 • SMS send/receive 
 • call waiting service 
 • conference call 
 • graphical display with 4 soft keys 
 • call divert 
 • transfer 
 • redialling 
 • NAT support 
 • caller waiting list 
 • speed dial 
 • 27 ring tones 
 • HTTP Server 
 • DTMF 
 * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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SNOM 100 

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