NetVision® Network Appliance Phone 
The NetVision® Phone from Symbol Technologies adds voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications to Symbol's Wi-FiTM certified Spectrum24® High Rate 802.11b direct sequence wireless LAN installations, allowing simultaneous voice and data support on the same wireless backbone. Employing VoIP technology based on the ITU standard H.323, the NetVision Phone converts analog voice into compressed digital packets that are sent via TCP/IP protocol over standard data networks. The IEEE 802.11b-compliant NetVision Phone interoperates with many Wi-Fi certified wireless LANs. Broad support of VoIP solutions from major telephony vendors allows PBX integration of the NetVision Phone via a gateway for internal and external voice communication.

Communication at the Speed of Business
With business moving faster every day to keep pace with customers and competitors, communication is a tool of ever-increasing strategic importance. The ability to send voice and data over one wireless network can result in significant savings and allows for the development of new applications that increase productivity and provide better customer service.

Advanced Handset and Secure, Quality of Service Wireless Communications
The NetVision Phone handset features include:
  •  Dialing: peer-to-peer, extension, name, speed
  •  Call hold, park/unpark, transfer, conference, forwarding, call waiting, mute, do not disturb
  •  DHCP support
  •  H.323 gatekeeper support
  •  Vibrate, visual, ringer call alert
  •  Headset support (2.5 mm)
  •  Wireless firmware/configuration updates
  •  Signal and battery strength indicators
  •  Shared and personal user mode support
  •  User configuration options (volume, LCD contrast and more; select features are not available with certain gateways)

Embedded wireless communications features of the NetVision Phone include: 
  •  Dynamic Rate Scaling
  • Symbol Wireless Voice Prioritization, giving priority to NetVision Phone "voice packets" on the Symbol Spectrum24 High Rate wireless LAN
  • Pre-emptive Roaming for optimum voice quality and bandwidth maximization
  • 40 and 128 bit WEP Encryption security
  • 10 active calls per wireless access point
  • IEEE 802.11d International Roaming

PBX Connectivity Solutions
The NetVision Phone is designed to work with your existing phone system via a gateway through a standard analog or digital connection. NetVision Phone PBX connectivity solutions include: 
Analog Ericsson Webcom Webswitch 2000/100Mitel IPERA 2000/3800
Digital (T1) Application GatewayNortel ITG and BCM
Digital (Integrated) Cisco AVVID Skinny Client Control Protocol

The use of a gateway provides seamless access to desktop phones, zone-distant phone support, and PBX-provided supplementary services such as: 
NetVision Phone Feature Standard H.323V H.323+ for Mitel Networks 3800 Application Gateway H.323+ for Nortel Networks ITG/BCM Cisco AVVID Skinny Client Control Protocol
Peer-to-Peer Dialing Yes No No No
Extension dialing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Name dialing Yes No No No
Speed dialing Phone defined Host defined Host defined Host defined
Call Hold Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Park/unpark Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Conference Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Waiting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Do Not Disturb Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Mute Yes Yes Yes Yes
DHCP Gateway dependent No Yes Yes
Authentication H.323 RAS H.323 RAS H.323 RAS CM Registration

Mobilize Your Enterprise Wirelessly-Just Add Symbol. And Go.
Symbol's global wireless industry leadership is founded on a comprehensive range of innovative technologies and knowledgeable services. Symbol brings you a unique combination of benefits that enables your organization's end-to-end mobile computing strategy and optimizes the capture, computing and communication of data crucial to business decision-making and success. All you have to do is Add Symbol. And Go.

NetVision Phone Specification Highlights
Performance Characteristics
Phone Protocol: ITU H.323 version 2 compliant; optional support for Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol; optional enhanced H.323 implementation for Mitel Corporation and Nortel Networks voice-over-IP solutions
Codec: 8-bit sampling; supporting G.711 and G.729a
Voice Packet Size: 40-160 bytes (configurable)
Battery: 7.2 volts rechargeable; Lithium ion; 800mAH
Battery Life: per charge;battery meter 3 hours talk time, 20 hour standby operation
Wireless Access Protocol: CSMA/CA
Frequency Range: 2.4 - 2.485 GHz
Number of Channels: 11 - 3
Data Rate: 802.11b Direct Sequence Rate Scaling at 1, 2, 5.5, and 11 Mbps
Wireless Output Power: 60 mW
Range: 1,000+ ft./300+ m outdoors and up to 295 ft./75.5 m indoors
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 5.10 in. H x 1.75 in. W x 0.75 in. D 13.0 cm H x 4.5 cm W x 1.9 cm D
Weight: 5.5 oz./154 gm
Display: LCD: 3 line, 12 character
Buttons: 0-9 * # key, Send, End, ', Function, Menu, Name, Recall, Store, Scroll, Hold
Notification: Ringer/vibration/LED
Ports: Headset port (2.5 mm) and external serial port
Network Characteristics
Protocol: TCP/IP; DHCP; IEEE 802.11b protocols
Security: Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 40 and 128 bit
User Environment
Drop Specification: 4 ft./1.2 m to concrete
Temperature: 32F to 140F/0C to 60C
Accessories: AC adapter, dual battery charger, leather case, and bungee cord
Electrical Safety: Certified to UL1950, CSA C22.2 No. 950,
EMI/RFI: EN60950/IEC950FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B, European Union EMC Directive, Australian SMA, FCC Part 68

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