Prepare for the future: IX66 Internet Gate - firewall with SIP support
Intertex now promotes the IX66 Internet Gate that is the selected product by telecom operators worldwide. It is an access router with a firewall and an optional ADSL modem built in. The firewall uses packet filtering and stateful inspection and is the first firewall available for the SOHO market that is capable of handling the SIP protocol.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the new standard for IP-based real-time communication, including telephony, presence, instant messaging, voice and video applications. SIP is a protocol for communication between users, end-point to end-point.

While this new standard allows for many increasingly popular forms of communication there have been problems getting SIP to the private LANs where the users are located. The IX66 Internet Gate solves these problems and allows you to start to communicate using chat, voice or video and still be protected by a vigorous firewall.

Other features: 
 • Easy installation and configuration
 • Share a single broadband connection with multiple users
 • Share a single IP address through dynamically address translation (NAT)
 • The robust firewall stops attacks before they reach your computers
 • VPN support
 • Upgradable firmware
 • Compact design

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