Communication plays an important role in our daily lives. ConnectVia is committed to making communication between people easier, more efficient and affordable. We see VoIP as the technology to revolutionize the telecom industry by converging data and voice networks. Increased communication throughout the enterprise improves access to information and personnel, and yields faster response times to customers and vendors. 
SNOM Linux VoIP phones and Symbol NetVision wireless VoIP mobile phones can be integrated into networks to extend Voice communication within the enterprise. Office complex, Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Hospitals, or virtually any campus environment where voice access to personnel is imperative, VoIP phones can be used to connect your resources. Access your exiting local analog phone lines with gateways or connect your remote offices anywhere in the world to each other. 
Are you growing and out of space? Adding a new warehouse or office across the street or in South America? Local Phone Company wants an arm and leg for new phone lines and all you want is to extend your existing network and phones to the new location. ConnectVia can help you design a system with little or no reoccurring costs. Call or contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Voice Over IP Products: 

Voice Over IP



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