Symbol Technologies is the global leader in developing and deploying mobile voice and data solutions. We were the first to create a broad-based, cost-effective wireless LAN infrastructure; to develop true application-specific mobile wireless devices and to market converged voice and data technologies. 
Today, we are in the forefront of creating technology that links wireless communications to the Internet and ties together personal, local, and wide area communications for seamless mobile connectivity. 
Symbol has also led the way in establishing the first open interoperability standards, working with other industry leaders to establish a permanent basis for the wireless industry and enabling its dramatic growth. Symbol is also a leader in partnering with other leading companies to develop new application solutions such as PBX gateways for voice and data networks, wireless management of enterprise-scale networks, and next-generation silicon, adapter cards, and access points for faster, high-bandwidth communications. These powerful alliances are ushering in a new century that promises to be dominated by the wireless networking paradigm. 

Symbol Featured Products: 

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Featured Products
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