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Manufacturers are trying to track shifting business conditions better and respond more quickly to the changing demands of the consumer, while dealing with the enormous volumes, narrow margins, and low prices. KNAPP Software's Warehouse Management Software, WMS-2000, can help manage the process from raw material, to work-in-process, to finished goods, to better manage cost and to improve order delivery.
Distributors are facing an entirely different world from what they have known. Confronted by new competitors and trading partnerships; alternate ways of conducting business with technology; demands for highly streamlined supply chains; competition that crosses regional, national and global borders; and customer demands for added value and easily accessed information. KNAPP Software's Warehouse Management Software, WMS-2000 web access allows a fast and easy access to our enterprise system or your customer's enterprise system.
Third-Party Logistics
In today's competitive 3PL environment, reducing costs is not enough. Connecting to eCommerce clients and increasing services offerings are the keys to continued growth. KNAPP Software's Warehouse Management Software, WMS-2000, allows a 3PL to perform all the basics, track all activities by cost and by customer, as well as, identify inventory by owner - not just by item and location in the warehouse. Businesses can manage that multi-owner inventory dynamically while optimizing space utilization. With Web access, internet-based orders, kit assembly, personalized label and documents are configured to each customer's specifications, thereby, providing global visibility of all products to your customers.

KNAPP Featured Products: 
 •  WMS-2000 - New Multi-Language Capabilities
The newest, most innovative warehouse management software offering from KNAPP
Warehouse Control Software, putting the power in your hands to control any automated system in your facility, regardless of make or brand.
 •  e-Shipping Logistics Solution (e-SLS)
This powerful new integrated shipping module, with expanded functionality and versatility, offers complete and fully integrated routing and rating functionality.
 •  KB-2000
The KB-2000 (Knowledge Base) analytical package was designed to extract and analyze critical operational, performance, and product data from the WMS-2000 system.

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Featured Products
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