The Dolphin® 7200 Batch 
view larger image The Dolphin® 7200 hand held computer with a Micro-DB9 RS232 port is a compact, high performance data collection terminal with standard connectivity at a low cost. Capable of reading all popular linear bar codes, the Dolphin 7200 terminal fits into an array of environments.

Through the terminal's Micro-DB9 RS-232 port, the Dolphin 7200 can connect to a host computer to send and receive data. The terminal's battery can be recharged through the RS-232 port using a cable and power adapter or the Dolphin HomeBaseTM charging /communications cradle.

The Dolphin 7200 can connect to self-powered, RS-232 compliant peripherals, such as external modems and printers, GPS receivers, electronic scales, and various input devices. Wireless IrDA connectivity remains available, allowing users to connect with IrDA-compliant printers through the IR port.

The compact size plus the ergonomic and lightweight design make the Dolphin 7200 the ideal product for route accounting, field services, remote order entries, and direct store deliveries.

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