IT 4410LR/ LX Hand Held 2D Image Reader 
view larger image The IMAGETEAMTM (IT) 4410 Image Reader can be configured as either a hand held or fixed mount device for reading and decoding two dimensional (2D) symbologies and OCR text, as well as capturing images for signature capture and related applications. Offering integrated support for all popular matrix, stacked linear (PDF417) and conventional linear bar codes, the IT4410 can be configured for keyboard wedge, non-decoded laser, TTL, or True RS232 output. Lightweight, balanced, and easy to use, the IT4410 can be used in repetitive, high volume hand scanning operations in even the most demanding environments.

Because the IT4410 is a fixed focus device, four product models with different focal points are available. The IT4410LX, designed for reading wide codes at up to 15 inches on PDF, has a focal point of 7inches from the nose. It is ideal for reading the 1D and 2D labels found in the transportation industry. The IT4410LR, designed for low and medium density codes, has a focal point of 5 inches from the nose. This model is ideal for general 2D applications (postal, retail, and asset tracking). For high density models of the IT4410 see the IMAGETEAMTM4410HD product page.

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