IT3800LR High Performance Linear Imager - 5 Year Warranty 
view larger image The IMAGETEAMTM 3800 is a high performance, hand held bar code scanner. Using unique, linear imaging technology, the IT3800 sets a new standard in automatic data collection by combining a bright, sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging to deliver exceptional performance in any environment. The IT3800 handle is smoothly contoured to fit all sized hands, and has a soft grip area to add comfort and prevent slippage.

The IT3800 connects to all popular PCs, Apple MAC, and portable data terminals. Models are available for IBM retail terminals (4683/93, OCIA) and for PDF417 applications as well. Available in both black and beige, the IT3800 is ideally suited to retail point-of-sale, in-store inventory, document management, transaction processing, and vehicle registration applications.

Better Value
Linear imagers have no moving parts to misalign or break, and they generally cost less than laser scanners. With a full five year warranty, the IT3800 offers longer product life, lower replacement costs, and unprecedented value.

Faster Throughput
At 270 scans per second, the IT3800 reads and decodes up to five times as fast as most CCDs and lasers.

Reduced Frustration
Laser scanners use a moving beam that captures dirt as bars and voids as spaces. In some scanners, this slows the processing of the bar code significantly as advanced algorithms are used to filter the correct message from the code. In other scanners, large voids can stop a laser altogether. Slowed or non-existent processing means increased frustration for operators who are often measured on throughput. In the IT3800, advanced, high resolution optics capture the complete bar code and ignore dirt and voids for faster, more accurate processing. 

Greater Flexibility
An increasing number of applications require reading in strong ambient light, such as full sunlight. The aiming line of a laser or CCD is difficult, if not impossible to see under such conditions, and few scanners can operate effectively. The IT3800 performs equally well in total darkness or full sunlight.

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