Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
With BarTender, a few quick mouse motions are all it takes to combine bar codes, text and graphics into professional quality labels. And moving and resizing objects on your labels is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Simply click on a label object to select it.
2) Drag it to a new position with a quick, easy mouse movement.
3) Stretch objects just as easily.

And customizing is easy too, with carefully organized menus and "pop-up" dialogs that display even the most advanced options in plain, easy-to-understand words. And, with the industry's most powerful Undo command, even beginners never have to worry about mistakes. And advanced users still have all the power they'll ever need.

Exceptional Design Flexibility
BarTender gives you total control over your label's appearance, including the type and size of text, bar codes and graphics. Place objects exactly where you want them and control rotation as precisely as 1 degree. You're limited only by your imagination.

Smartly organized dialogs offer numerous options, while keeping things simple.

Latest Windows Technology
Strict adherence to Microsoft's official user-interface guidelines, means if you've used just one other Windows program you're ready to start designing labels.

"Tool tips" offer quick hints, and each of the three tool bars in the can be
moved away from its normal screen-edge position and reshaped as desired.

Modify and print multiple label designs.

High Precision On-Screen Display
BarTender's design mode gives you an extraordinarily accurate "real-time" view of your label. There is also a Print Preview mode that even reads your external data sources, so it can display exactly how your labels are going to look before you print them. That means you can design more quickly without wasting labels.

Print Preview with external data sourcing reduces wasted labels.

Designer Typefaces, Even on Thermal Printers
BarTender and Seagull's printer drivers offer an extraordinary variety of font capabilities. Use printer fonts for maximum speed and Windows fonts for the most flexible styling. Many printer drivers now even support font downloading for an optimum combination of font variety and printing performance.

"Instant" Bar Codes
BarTender's toolbox gives you instant access to an extensive set of predefined bar code components. "Drag and drop" bar codes into your label designs using a single, quick mouse motion. Use our predefined components "as is" or customize as desired.

Create bar codes with a quick "drag and drop" motion.

Rich Text with Data Sourcing
"Rich Text" allows individual text objects to contain multiple typefaces (Times, Arial, etc.) and styles (bold, italic, etc.). BarTender raises the power of rich text to a whole new level by allowing you to source the different parts of a rich text object with external data fields. For example, you might use one font style for some static text and use other styles for some of you changing text.

Rich text paragraphs can combine static data and sourced data.

Import and Export Graphics
It's easy to add company logos and pictures of products. BarTender supports most major graphic formats. You can also export bar codes for use in other software packages.

Bar code exported from BarTender into Corel® Draw.

Advanced, Customizable Serialization
Generate anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced, totally custom serialization sequences. Increment or decrement by any interval and specify any rollover threshold and restart value. Choose from numeric, alpha, or a variety of predefined alphanumeric character sets. Even specify your own totally custom sequences.

Password Protection
Sometimes it's critical to ensure that your users can't modify your label designs. Whether the change is accidental, well intentioned, or malicious, even the slightest repositioning of bar codes or text objects can take a label out of compliance. Fortunately, Password Protection makes it easy to lock BarTender into a "print only" mode that prevents unauthorized alteration of the label.

Unsurpassed Data Input Capabilities
BarTender can accept label data from a truly remarkable variety of sources:

Keyboard data entered in advance or at print time.
Automatically serialized data strings.
Automatic time and date values.
Four different text file formats.
ODBC data sources, including most databases and spreadsheets. (Advanced data reporting capabilities include SQL Select statements and Query by Example.)
Direct input from SAP IDocs (Intermediate Documents).

Remarkable Printer Support
In addition to the hundreds of laser, ink-jet and dot-matrix printers already supported by Windows, we've created our own true Windows drivers for numerous numerous industrial quality label printers. And our drivers can be used by all your Windows programs.

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