Labels & Ribbons
ConnectVia offers a broad range of labeling solutions. Their are endless uses for labeling and we have the expertise to provide your business with those printing solutions. We offer all types of media including direct thermal, thermal transfer, paper, synthetics and poly's. Most sizes are available from our impressive die list, however if we don't have the size needed we can always have one made. The other part of a labeling solution is the ribbon. It is extremely important to match the media type with the correct ribbon. A "wax ribbon " is used for standard shipping labels and for an environment that is dry and doesn't need to last for a extended amount of time. A "resin ribbon " or "hybrid" of a wax & resin is used for environments that require the label to last and or withstand harsh weather including heat, cold, rain and snow. Some application examples of synthetics/poly's are fixed assets, component marking, freezer labeling and serial numbers. Whatever your requirements are, we would like to have the opportunity to provide the solution and to supply you with the best supplies on the market.

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